• Una nueva era, una nueva inspiración

    Riqueza, belleza y fuerza, naturalmente
  • « Maestro hf» y « MaestrO2 »

    Son el resultados de años de busquedas, esperiencia, descubrimiento y ajustamiento.
  • El sonido que busco

    Belleza y pureza
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  • Alkemia, la guitare philosophale

    « Solve e Coagula »
  • Une Nouvelle ère, un Nouveau souffle

    Richesse, beauté et puissance, naturellement
  • « Maestro hf» et « MaestrO2 »

    Sont le fruit de longues années de recherches, d'expériences, de découvertes, et de mises au point.
  • Le son que je recherche

    Beauté et pureté, simplement
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  • Alkemia, the philosopher's guitar

    « Solve e Coagula »
  • A new era, a new breath

    Richness, beauty and power, naturally.
  • « Maestro hf» and « MaestrO2 »

    are the result of long years of research, experimentation, discovery, and fine-tuning.
  • The sound I search for

    Beauty and Purety, simply.
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In the heart of sound

Bastien Burlot

Therefore, my approach has been to base my personal research upon a solid heritage and resolutely innovative construction methods and proceed from that starting point, in order to unite these qualities in an instrument dedicated to a musical expression genuinely free of constraints.

The Maestro guitar

It offers strong qualities including depth, wide harmonic fill and color variety, raw power and projection, dynamical range and sustain. Most importantly, it also brings along the capacity of boundless artistic expression.

The “hf technology”

The concert “Maestro hf” and “MaestrO2” guitars add high fidelity to your playing, and a novel sound space supporting your musical expression.

The MaestrO2 guitar, the “Burlot” sound, but more ethics…

Ethics is, in my opinion, a virtuous choice born of an awakening of consciousness

Alkemia: The dream of a philosopher’s guitar…

The guitar of the musician-philosophers, the Salt of your own interior Work.