The new breath


Ethics is, in my opinion, a virtuous choice born of an awakening of consciousness and which has its source far beyond dogmas and dictatorships.

Every adventure begins with a first step, and it was under the impulse of a pioneer, my friend and colleague Jean-Yves Alquier (Best Worker of France and initiator of the brand “Ethiq”) that I decided to ‘explore a new way, a new breath, creating the concert guitar’ MaestrO2 ‘.

The result is simple and without appeal, the resources of our planet are dwindling. Moreover, it becomes difficult to know the exact provenance and the production methods of the so-called “precious” exotic species used in the manufacture of our instrument, even when they come from labeled channels which are often not able to guarantee exploitation environmentally and socially responsible forestry.

Moreover, at the end of the CITES COP17 in October 2016, all species of the genus Dalbergia were added to Annex II of the Convention, which now imposes strict regulations, in particular for the use of rosewood.

Our concert guitars of yesterday and today are built with exotic woods with undeniable acoustic and aesthetic characteristics but whose resources are exhausted, and the destruction of tropical forests threatens us all in the long term, because they are indispensable to the stability of the global climate.