Orders & payment

Upon receipt of the estimated time of completion of your guitar, a non recoverable deposit representing 15% of the price of the instrument will be required to validate your order. It is important to note that the delay is likely to vary significantly. However, I take into account validated orders sequencially, reserving from time to time one or two demonstration instruments (for exhibitions, etc.). I will contact you when I start building your instrument, to finalize the details of your order, as well as its terms of payment and delivery.


My guitars are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect for a period of 5 years from their receipt, the costs and responsibility of return to the workshop remaining at your expense. This warranty applies only to the first owner, and excludes damage that may be caused by improper use of the instrument (shocks, knocks, exposure to heat, cold, moisture or drought, etc.). If you choose to be delivered by a carrier, it is very important to check in presence of the delivery agent that the instrument is in perfect condition. Transport companies usually offer insurance that is advisable to take. Do not hesitate to refuse the package if you notice a problem; if you neglect this verification, no guarantee can be applied whatsoever. Also, I do not accept to send my guitars from December 1 to March 31 for obvious climatic reasons that can cause problems following storage in warehouses or transportation vehicles.

Protection of your investment

Like any living material, wood is sensitive to hygrometric variations. This is why extreme vigilance is recommended, especially during winter periods when the air is very dry and this phenomenon is often amplified by electric heating. It is therefore strongly recommended to put back the instrument in its case when it’s not played, and to include a small humidifier into the case (a humidity rate of around 55% is recommended). “Cellulosic” varnishes and natural oils (MaestrO2), carefully chosen for their acoustic properties, are applied in the lowest possible thicknesses to leave the wood unhindererd with all its vibration properties, so they lack the impact resistance of industrial varnishes. They do not require any special maintenance except for regular wiping with a soft cotton cloth or microfiber. But be careful, they can react adversely to solvents, specially those contained in polish, or even in protective foams and rubbers, some displays, stands, stickers, or holding device. It is therefore advisable, preventively, to slip a cotton fabric between the guitar and the object on which it rests. These varnishes have a slow and long evolution, and can pull back after a few months making wood pores reappear over time (on the back and the sides), or the hard fibers (on the soundboard), which is normal. For these reasons, the warranty is not applicable to the finish of the instrument. In any case, do not hesitate to ask me for advice for the maintenance of your guitar and its storage in optimal conditions.

Customer satisfaction

If however, and despite the care and rigor that I bring to the manufacture of my instruments, your guitar did not give you complete satisfaction, you have a period of 15 days after receipt to send it back to me. You will be refunded within one month; only your deposit and a possible repair of the instrument will be deducted from this amount (this is only applicable to “normal” orders, excluding specific or “custom” orders).