In order to offer a choice in line with the personal ideals and aspirations of everyone, my concert classical guitar model “Maestro hf” now comes in two versions, the “Maestro” (rosewood) and the “MaestrO2” (ecological bamboo). ). Identical in design, they are the result of years of research, experimentation, discovery, and development, culminating in the creation of an innovative instrument with amazing sound performance. Alkemia is a more timeless guitar.

These innovations are shaping what we can now call the Burlot sound. Thus, you will benefit from fundamental characteristics that contribute to this sound identity, and that integrate perfectly with the harmonious, sober and elegant aesthetics of my guitars.  
– A soundboard whose exclusive design maximizes the vibratory performance of the instrument, without the use of composite materials.
– The unique design of the open headstock which, put in vibration by the strings, generates an energy loop like a spring, which increases the sustain and improves the midrange of the instrument to achieve a perfect balance.
– The “hf technology” that thanks to the openings on the sides increases the vibrating area on the soundboard, improves the performance of the instrument and now offers an unequaled perception of homogeneity until now (between guitarist and audience). It also allows more control of your playing by placing you at the “heart of the sound” for total enjoyment.

“Maestro”, “MaestrO2” and Alkemia are ideal concert instruments for discerning guitarists, discerning amateurs or professionals. They offer, through their elaborate design resulting from many years of research, depth, harmonic richness and variety of colors, projection, power, dynamics and length of sound, but also infinite artistic expression capabilities.

Features / modelMaestrO₂, Maestro hf, Alkemia
Construction methods / technologyOptimized dynamic bracing with precise soundboard elasticity control
Specific assembly‭ ‬procedure boosting the whole structure's dynamics
SoundboardSelected‭ ‬Engelmann‭ ‬spruce
Selected Canadian red cedar
Back and sides1st choice solid Indian rosewood
Varnished inside
Ecological bamboo (MaestrO2)
NeckHonduras cedar
Fingerboard1st choice Cameroon ebony
Nut and boneGenuine bone
Scale length650 mm
BridgeProfiled‭ ‬with‭ ‬12‭ ‬holes,‭ ‬in‭ ‬Indian rosewood
AdornmentIndian rosewood and maple‭ ‬double purflings‭ –‬ carved and chamfered‭ ‬head
Sides width11,2 cm / 11,7 cm
Nut width52 mm
Neck width at‭ ‬12th fret62 mm
Neck thickness22 mm at‭ ‬1st fret‭
24 mm at‭ ‬9th fret
Tuning machinesDe luxe (Baljak)
CaseHiscox Pro II
Price (2018)8000 USD (international)
8000€ (Europe) (ask for Alkemia)