“Maestro hf” model for High Fidelity

The « Maestro hf » and « MaestrO2 » guitars offer to guitarists from all horizons, amateurs or professionals alike sound deepness and sustain, harmonic richness and color variety, but equally projection, power and dynamics, all of which are essential qualities for extensive artistic expression.

Today, with the concert classical guitar “Maestro hf” a new step is crossed. It does of course possess all those characteristics that shape the “Burlot sound”, but it goes farther by henceforth offering homogeneity in perception (guitarist/audience) unequaled until today.

Research and application

My research has been conducted on a configurable prototype of a Burlot guitar, as well as on two traditional classical guitars of different grades, then it was finally validated on several life-size “Maestro hf” concert guitars…

As the outcome of a long series of tests undertaken in an acoustics lab, according to a strict and sophisticated protocol commissioned to a team under the supervision of Mr Fabrice Pierron (university professor and research team leader in the Mechanical and Manufacturing Processes Department of the reputed ENSAM Institute -École Nationale Supérieure des Arts and Métiers-), the concert “Maestro hf” guitar offers to the player and to the listener an unequaled spectral homogeneity.

It becomes now possible for the musician to convey in the most reliable fashion the tiniest expression of a musical discourse with plenty of sound modeling and subtleties in color, like no other guitar had until now made possible, including the best of breed “traditional” instruments !

Therefore, the concert “Maestro hf” guitar adds high fidelity to your playing, and a novel sound space supporting your musical expression.