Bastien Burlot’s guitar is amazing in many respects. First, it strikes the eye with its unusual design: the rosette which is traditionally placed in the middle of the soundboard was removed and replaced by two openings on the sides, allowing the air to circulate freely inside the guitar. This truly innovative concept allows for the entire table to vibrate in order to produce the sound, which is released like a “halo” across the room. Given this concept, the player will sometimes be surprised to hear the sound spread out differently, but the volume, projection and sound clarity are all present, which is vitally important. In the right hand, the tone is accurate, varied, colorful and very responsive to the attack. In the left hand, the neck and the fingerboard offer perfect comfort and ease of playing. It is a guitar that is designed for advanced players, and that requires a fine-tuned technique. A very good guitarist himself, Bastien Burlot has produced here a true guitarist’s dream.

Finally, what to say about Bastien Burlot’s craftmanship ? The guitar is perfectly finished, and is a joy to look at. Most importantly, this instrument keeps me musically honest and does not limit or influence my musical choices, a rare quality in a guitar. This truly is a magnificent instrument that I am sure will be played by many more guitarists in the future.