"Flamme," the fire, simply.

Describing the sound of an instrument is a delicate exercise, as the subjectivity inherent to each individual's emotions is profound, and commonplaces are often used without real factual evidence.

The acoustic guitar "Flamme" carries on the torch from the "Maestro hf," the concert classical guitar that accompanied me for a decade before giving way to the "Alkemia." The technical innovations derived from years of acoustic research pushed the boundaries of the instrument. Thus, the "Flamme" benefits from the "hf technology," which provides an unparalleled homogeneity of perception (guitarist/audience) and spatialization that immerses you in the heart of the sound, facilitating limitless musical expression.

The birth of the "Flamme" came about through significant encounters. It is an acoustic steel-string guitar that clearly breaks free from the sound norms imposed by folk instruments for almost two centuries. To maximize the acoustic output of this new guitar, I opted for a fan bracing pattern, similar to my classical guitars. This design choice allows for the greatest possible amplitude of the soundboard, promoting acoustic efficiency conducive to limitless expressiveness. Of course, the optimization of structural elements takes into account the high tension of steel strings, but without compromising the freedom of movement of the soundboard, contrary to traditional X-bracing. The result is an instrument with enchanting sonic performances that captivates from the first notes and offers an unexpected and unprecedented musical and emotional journey.

Behind a sleek, simple, and elegant design lies a fire that you will, I hope, take pleasure in kindling. I like to believe that it will also contribute to igniting or rekindling your inner flamme.